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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
League averages figure in bad starts along with the good starts. The fewer innings your starting pitcher gives you, the more innings you need from your bullpen. If you want your bullpen to lose games, overworking it will accomplish that regardless of the money you spend.

If you are looking for a superior starting pitcher, which fans assume Cease will be, you should be counting on seven or more innings when he is on and generally six innings on his off days, with only a few bad starts bringing his average down. If you want Cease to be an average starting pitcher, there is nothing wrong with limiting his starts to six innings.

I understand the concept of bringing pitchers along slowly, but it's curious that he should be limited to five innings in games where he is pitching incredibly well seems to more protecting him from failure than developing him to be a major league pitcher. Even elite major league pitchers experience days of failure.

In any case, if the organization is bringing Cease along slowly, which is the most likely explanation, Cease doesn't appear to be close to major-league ready in the eyes of the White Sox.
I think I read that Cease’s second start was cut short due to a rain delay. His other two outings were his first start of the year, and his last where he had some control issues.
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