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Originally Posted by Flight #24 View Post
Or they simply said "he can mash at AAA but will likely have some struggles as he adjusts to major league pitching. We'd like to get that out of the way and have him work on his D at the major league level/see what he can do in the field so that next year he's a) ready to hit and b) either improved on D or we know he can't/won't and can DH him when games actually matter."

This isn't a pitcher who can get ruined with an early callup. He's not going to get "ruined" by playing bad D (with the exception being that he shouldn't dive/run into walls/etc). He could improve (I doubt he's not getting personalized instruction on the side), and if he doesn't - it costs games which don't really matter at this point, but sets you up better for next year when they matter more.
How dare you post such a reasonable take.
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