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Originally Posted by Irishsox1 View Post
Mark needs to walk up to the mirror and start yelling at the person who chose to sign that contract with Loria and the Marlins.

Of course they lied but the way the deal was so back ended everyone knew he was going to get traded it was either going to be after year 1 or year 2. Mark is set to make $18 M in 2014 and $19 M in 2015.

Here's what Mark just figured out the hard way: Stability is worth more than a couple of million dollars. Second, he's going to get traded at least 1 more time before that contact is up. Guessing Buherle to the Yankees or Dodgers after this year.
Exactly. I won't fault a guy one bit for grabbing as much cash as he can to make sure that himself, his children, and his children's children will never have to work if they don't want to, but there's consequences for every decision you make.

I would have absolutely loved to continue working for the little company I worked for during college. However, I made a conscious decision to leave them for a larger firm that paid me significantly more. Due to that, I no longer have as much latitude to take off whenever I want, do what I want, etc, but I also am paid more to give up these things. You have to pick one.
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