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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
You're right in that there is no timetable. Plenty have said it could be longer. When the official team page mentions it, it gives it a pretty significanct amount of credence.

I'm taking exception to someone calling me a liar because I raised the possibility. Because it is pretty likely. And it's not coming from no where. And calling me a liar for it is a personal attack.
Look, Munch, there is a gigantic difference between "might miss some time" and "likely to miss a month". You went from might to will, from some time to an entire month. You made two huge leaps in one statement. Also, you didn't present it as your opinion, you presented it as FACT.

So, either you:
1) Misread something, misspoke, and now when confronted with it, are digging in your heels and refusing to admit you goofed;
2) Have inside knowledge that either the Sox are lying about Danks' condition or the doctors have lied to them;
3) Have an extreme distrust for the organization and have a hunch that something is fishy with Danks;
4) Know that the franchise has a history of misfortune and baselessly feel that something will go wrong and he will miss significant time.

I'm going to guess #1, although 3 and 4 are both likely.
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