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Originally Posted by LoveYourSuit View Post
If he stinks it up out of the gate and into June next season again then you are truly looking at a possible bust, no matter the options.

I think a lot of the White Sox angst right now from the fans is seeing that out of Anderson, Moncada, Giolito, Lopez, and Fulmer not one guy is close to being a ML star right now. No matter how deep you are looking down in the farm 1 - 30, you need guys to establish themselves quickly at the ML level. Competitive windows are very small in this game. Just ask the Royals. You can't wait for guys to finally figure things out 3 to 4 years down the line. Hell, we are in year 5 of the Avisail Garcia experiment and still can't figure out what he is. And that's just one guy. Imagine trying to figure out 15 of these guys here shortly.
I would have expected at least one to assert himself and another to show that he is definitely getting there. To me that would have been an acceptable minimum bottom line. The Sox are for the moment 0 for 5.

Originally Posted by IronFisk View Post
I don't agree. He needs to start showing promise. Just for fun here is a random list of top prospects after their first full season:

Frank Thomas - .318
Konerko - .294
Ventura - .249
Kris Bryant - .275
Jose Altuve - .290
Will Clark - .287
Mike Trout - .326
Ryne Sandberg - .271
Carlos Beltran - .293
Cal Ripken - .264
Manny Machado - .283
Joe Crede - .261

MONCADA this year - .220

These are blue chip names I've picked out, and Yoan should be in this Ventura's level at the very least. The fact that he isn't is very troubling at this point in his first full season.
Yes it is very troubling. Some guys do struggle, even mightily and become stars but more of them hit the ground running and establish themselves very early. I'm always willing to give pitchers more time, but for a position player to start off this badly is not a good sign.

Originally Posted by DumpJerry View Post
He is. One more hit every 7-10 days would have given him a BA close to Ventura's. I'm pretty sure this puts him within the Standard Deviation of Robin.
I would have to say that your idea and mine of what constitutes the "vicinity" are not quite the same. Moncada isn't even in the vicinity of the lowest end of this spectrum and one Standard Deviation can be as high as 34 percentage points.
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