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Originally Posted by WhiteSox5187 View Post
The core in 2014 was Sale, Quintana, Abreu and Eaton, I think you could also argue that Avi was a part of that. The idea was that they were the four guys you built around. Semien, Gillaspie, etc. were cost-effective guys who could give you adequate levels of production to supplement that core. They were NOT part of the core itself.

The core this time around is Giolito, Moncada, Jimenez and Anderson at the major league level and then you have Robert and Madrigal in the minors.

If everyone of those guys click, then we're all set. But if there are set backs, regressions or injuries, well, then we have some issues and the question that I think has yet to be answered is can the Sox go outside of the organization and successfully augment the talent that they have? In 2014-2016 they couldn't, now the same guys are going to try again and I am at least a bit dubious as to whether or not they can be successful this time but I will say in Hahn's defense, I think that ownership might put restrictions on the front office that would make it hard for anyone to successfully augment the talent on this roster.
...and Cease and Kopech. I'd also argue that Andrew Vaughn is part of that future core. So, that's 6 solid core position players and 3 pitchers vs. 2 and 2 from 2014. Sorry, I'm still not seeing the resemblance.

Anderson and Moncada are already here and playing at an All-Star level. They're not maybes. Jimenez is here too, and while there's been a learning process for him this year, he looks like the real deal at the plate to me. Robert and Madrigal are blue chip prospects who soared through the system this year. Yes, maybe and what if and nothing in life is guaranteed and so forth, but I'm baffled that any Sox fan would be anything but optimistic about both of them.

Let's be perfectly clear here - we're not even talking about guys like Collins, Sheets, Walker, and the other OF prospects being the core we're counting on to click here if everything goes right with them. We're talking about 6 position players with elite hitting ability. They're all way above Avi's and Eaton's talent level.

If the whole point of the argument here is that any player can get hurt, regress, fizzle out...well yeah, nothing in life is absolutely guaranteed. But that can be said about any team with top talent on the rise.

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