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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
After 3 years of auditions of Leury, Tilson, Cordell, Yolmer, several guys whose names escape me from year 1, the Sox have basically zilch. On the pitching side, they have Fry and Bummer. That's it. The drafts have been empty. They'be gotten nothing from their 2nd tier trades either. You can't fill 10 spots with free agents. And, of course, their talent evaluation of the 2nd tier veterans they shop for has been's so bad that it's hard to believe that they actually scout these players or use even the most basic analytics.
Yes, other than Bummer and maybe Fry (the jury is still out; relievers are notoriously hot and cold), those guys have proven that they are nothing more than bench players/AAAA fodder.

I still think there are plenty of opportunities for recent draftees and trade acquisitions (2016-present) to make meaningful contributions even if the 2019 season was rough from an injury and development standpoint. For instance:

Sheets might make a productive and inexpensive LH 1B/DH (to pair with Vaughn) where Vaughn plays almost every game but Sheets sits against most LH hitters;

There’s still five bullets in the chamber for a shot at filling an outfield slot among Rutherford, Walker, Basabe, Adolfo, and Gonzalez, even if it takes two of them platooning to get starter-level production against both RH and LH pitching.

Fulmer’s clock strikes midnight this March; if he doesn’t earn a bullpen job during Spring Training then he’s gone. But I still think there are enough interesting live arms - many of whom injuries have felled - that a few of them might eventually be bullpen contributors: Burdi, Hamilton, Hansen, etc. Relievers are enough of a crapshoot that as long as they have options remaining you can keep them on the 40-man roster throughout 2020. Beyond those names, Johnson and Parke have performed quite well in relief and could merit 2020 bullpen auditions.

Most of the top starting pitching prospects have made their MLB debuts. Deeper down the list, Dunning, Stiever, Pilkington, Lambert, Flores, and even recent draftees Thompson and Dalquist, still have both potential and trade value.

Finally, your statement that “drafts have been empty” completely ignores the near-certainty of Madrigal and Vaughn.
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