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Originally Posted by JermaineDye05 View Post
Just a shot in the dark -- Would they possibly be attempting/considering packaging him with one of those bad contracts (Heyward/Chatwood/Darvish), and then in turn attempt to sign both Machado and Harper?
Chatwood and Bryant wouldn't give enough payroll flexibility to sign one and get under the luxury tax (which the Cubs are on recording saying they will be this year).

Darvish has a full no trade clause through the end of this season. He isn't going anywhere.

Nobody is taking Jason Heyward's contract. Not even if you throw in Kris Bryant and don't ask for anything back. It's the worst contract in baseball, a crippling deal in money owed, length, and back signing bonuses owed long after the deal is done. All for a player that is an all defense corner outfielder (which is no a thing baseball teams value).
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