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Originally Posted by Bobby Thigpen View Post
A number of fans on this site and others wanted the Sox to trade Paul Konerko and make Brian Daubach the starting first baseman. Your point?
My point is that people should be able to voice an opinion on a message board of all places. I don't even have to approve of or agree with it.

Originally Posted by DeadMoney View Post
And...? Does anyone seriously think a different manager would've been able to correct this mess?
I certainly don't. Baseball is very unpredictable but it looks like it will take a long time, the number of years I wouldn't even want to guess, to straighten out this mess. I just defended the right to have an opinion on Ventura's lack of managing experience. Apparently that was a very bad thing for me to say. If any of you knew me you'd know Robin Ventura is on a very short list of my all time favorite White Sox players. I wish the situation were different for him.
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