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Originally Posted by mzh View Post
How is it Smoltz fault that he was the number 3 on a team with 2 absolute lock first ballot HOFers?

As for Kevin Brown, his ERA was a full run lower and then some pitching for LA, Florida and San Diego than in the AL. Pitching in the 3 best pitchers parks in baseball will do that. Smoltz home/road splits are almost identical, and while he never did pitch in the AL outside of 8 starts at the end of his career, we do have all the empirical evidence that he was a dominating pitcher wherever he went. You can't say that about Brown.
Brown was one of the best pitchers in baseball , sure you can. He had some of the nastiest stuff ever. They are very comparable pitchers. Smoltz was near .500 for a long time before he broke out and flourished for a few years more as a starter with a couple great years. Dominating he was not for a long long time. Fact is, Smoltz had a higher ERA and never pitched in the AL like Brown. I guess I'm just not getting it because I am not seeing it. Nobody has made a convincing case he is anywhere near a LOCK. When I hear lock I'm thinking Steve Carlton, Tom Seaver, Clemens, Koufax, not John Smoltz. He was a third banana so so ERA pitcher for a good portion of his career.

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