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Originally Posted by chicagowhitesox1 View Post
He''ll make it but I don't know about first ballot only because the ballots are so clogged up now and will be for quite awhile.

I would say he's very deserving, I also would say he had a much better career than Eckersley. His era might have been a little high a times but the league quality was alot better when he pitched. He ended up with a career 125 era+ which is very good.

Kevin Brown probably won't get in anytime soon because of his steroid use but he actually has a very good case if you looked past the roids. David Cone and Dave Stieb are other guys who have pretty good cases. They remind me of a Billy Pierce career. Stieb was arguably the best pitcher of the 80's and Cone had some nice peak years but they never won 300 games so they more than likely will never get in.
Eckersley clearly had a better career in my opinion, hands down, so we disagree on that. Eck was an all time great closer and a very good starter. Smoltz was a really good closer and a very good starter. Eck was great at one and Smoltz was great at neither. Like I said before when I saw Eck close I always thought this guy has to be one of the best ever and the numbers bear it out. Never once did I ever think that about Smoltz. Eck is clearly above him in my opinion, he had longer peak years of excellence. Curious as to why you think Smoltz is above Eck, I mean I would like to hear the reasoning, maybe there was something I missed. 194-126, 3.46 career ERA, 7-2 postseason play, all in the steroid era . David Cone's numbers are also comparable to Smoltz, though you will never hear him being trumpeted for the Hall. I know I sound like a hater but the reality is if you let Smoltz in there are dozens of pitchers , very comparable, who could also lay a legitimate claim . And Billy Pierce is one of them, along with Brown, John, on and on and on.

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