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Originally Posted by kufram View Post
I used the word significant rather than valuable for a reason. As if I or my coach or anyone else would sit down and practice over 20 signatures, some quite obscure, to create a forgery.

I found it a few months ago and it has sat on my desk and I was guessing at a lot of the names and I like holding it. I recognized Oh, Killebrew (a great hitter), Snider, Minoso, Campaneris and a few others. But last week, in another box for some reason, I found the list that came with the ball. Now they are easily identified. I will give it away one day hopefully to someone who might get the same feeling I get when I hold it... a connection to some players from the past. Perhaps the only connection between all of these guys is that they were all in Japan in 1989. I'm not a collector and I don't really like pristine things kept in sealed glass containers.

I also have an 1865 Lincoln penny I found in my English house some years back. It is very worn but you can see the date. Worthless to a collector but it is in my valuables box. When I look at it I think about the era and who could have held it, spent it, or left it in a house in England.
You can get these auto's verified by reputable businesses like PSA or Beckett who do cards also I believe. I have a whole bunch of HOF auto's I want to get graded and get verified myself. It adds value to the item but it is a little pricey, like 30 bucks per signing I believe. Not sure what a ball would cost. I assume they have a database of sigs they use to verify with. Value goes way up after they stamp the approval letter to it. I disagree that the ball is worthless. Oh, Killebrew, and Snider, as well as Minnie are all HOF (except Minnie) standard players. Legends really. The other poster might be right about the other sigs bringing the value down but there are some cool players there as well from that era. I would just put it in a nice display case and show it off to visitors, it's a very cool ball. Fake auto's do not include a list of players like that . If you really want to, check e- bay and search the web for auto's of these players and compare, I always do that just to verify if I didn't see it signed myself.

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