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Originally Posted by chicagowhitesox1 View Post
I would think Sadaharu Oh's autograph would get some high buyers on the ball. I don't know much about autogrphs though.

I remember watching an episode of Pawn Stars and some guy had a 1951 New York Yankees autogrphed ball with DiMaggio, Mantle, Stengal and Berra as some of the big names and they had a expert authenticate the ball yet the poor guy was only offered like 300 bucks for it. I would have thought that ball would be worth thousands.

On the other pawn shop show "Hard Core Pawn" some guy brought in a autographed Lou Brock baseball and was asking 100,000 dollars for it and I think the owners basically told him it was almost worthless and that the ball was worth more without the autograph because it was a old baseball.
He wanted all that for a Lou Brock? Man, he got some bad info. If Pawn Stars offered 300 it was probably worth 2000. They are in the business of taking whatever advantage they can of desperate people. I can't understand the Yankee ball only being worth that .Those are 4 bigtime legends . I would seriously question that. Maybe the auto's were faded or poor ?
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