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Originally Posted by mahagga73 View Post
He wanted all that for a Lou Brock? Man, he got some bad info. If Pawn Stars offered 300 it was probably worth 2000. They are in the business of taking whatever advantage they can of desperate people. I can't understand the Yankee ball only being worth that .Those are 4 bigtime legends . I would seriously question that. Maybe the auto's were faded or poor ?
Some of the autographs on the 1951 ball were faded and the lady had a hard time determining some of the names but she did say it was real. I thought it was interesting how she used Mantles autograph as a way to determine if it was real. Apparently Mantle signed his name different as he got older by using a sailboat type of M and the ball showed Mantle's autograph as how he signed balls when he was younger.

I think the guy with the Lou Brock ball in Hard Core Pawn just wanted to get on tv although he did look pretty disappointed when he found out how much it was worth.

You can probably look these scenes up on YouTube. I would post it but I don't know how to post videos.
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